API Angle stop valve
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API Angle stop valve

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API Angle stop valve is a common cut-off valve is mainly used to connect or disconnect the line of media is generally not used to adjust the flow. API angle stop valve is suitable for different pressure and temperature ranges, but are generally used in small diameter pipes, suitable for ≤ 425°C steam, oil, water and other media.

1. Basic structure: Angle
2. Nominal pressure: Class 150 to Class 300
3. Nominal diameter: NPS2” to NPS12”

Structural features:
1.Reliable sealing.
2.Good performance.
3.Easy to open and close.
4.Small volume.
5.Long service life

Design and manufacture standard: BS1873, ASME B16.34
Structural length standard: ANSI B16.10
Connection flange standard: ANSI B16.5
Pressure and temperature rating: ASME B16.34
Test test: API 598

API Angle stop valve installation and maintenance should note the following:
1. The handwheel should be installed in upright position on the pipeline.
2. The hand wheels, stem, and the operator of API Angle stop valve does not allow for lifting.
3. The flow of media of API Angle stop valve should be accordance with the body shown in the arrow direction.

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